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Various Artists - A Tribute To Michael Jackson : The Ultimate Collection (Ultra Edition)

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Various Artists - A Tribute To Michael Jackson : The Ultimate Collection (Ultra Edition)

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Country: US
Released: 01/01/2009
Genre: Electronic, Pop, Rock
Style: Pop Rock, Ballad, Disco

001 Big Boy
002 I Want You Back (A Cappella)
003 The Love You Save (A Cappella)
004 ABC (A Cappella)
005 I'll Be There (A Cappella)
006 Mama's Pearl (A Cappella)
007 Got To Be There (A Cappella)
008 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (A Cappella)
009 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (A Cappella)
010 Ben (A Cappella)
011 Never Can Say Goodbye (A Cappella)
012 Rockin' Robin (A Cappella)
013 Dancing Machine (A Cappella)
014 Can't Get Outta The Rain (Demo)
015 You Can't Win (The Wiz)
016 Ease On Down The Road (The Wiz)
017 A Brand New Day (The Wiz)
018 Be A Lion (The Wiz)
019 Shake A Body (Demo)
020 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Demo)
021 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (A Cappella)
022 Rock With You (A Cappella)
023 Working Day and Night (Demo)
024 She's Out Of My Life (Cover Version)
025 She's Out Of My Life (Cover Version)
026 Who's Right, Who's Wrong
027 Sunset Driver (Demo)
028 Save Me
029 I'm In Love Again
030 Night Time Lover
031 All I Do
032 This Had To Be
033 Dude
034 Somethin' Special
035 Turn On The Action
036 Goin' Back To Alabama
037 Just Friends
038 Don't Let A Women Make A Fool
039 So Shy
040 Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Cover Version)
041 Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Cover Version)
042 State Of Independence
043 Muscles
044 Someone In The Dark (Opening Version)
045 Someone In The Dark (Closing Version)
046 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Demo)
047 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Extended Version)
048 Baby Be Mine (Demo)
049 The Girl Is Mine (Demo)
050 The Girl Is Mine (Special Version)
051 Thriller (Voice-Over Session)
052 Billie Jean (Demo)
053 Billie Jean (Demo)
054 Billie Jean (A Cappella)
055 Billie Jean (Extended Version)
056 Human Nature (Extended Version)
057 Human Nature (Special Version)
058 Pretty Young Thing (Demo)
059 The Lady In My Life (Extended Version)
060 Carousel (Circus Girl)
061 Carousel (Circus Girl) (Extended Version)
062 Carousel (Cover Version)
063 Got The Hots
064 Hot Street (Demo)
065 Nightline (Demo)
066 Nightline (Cover Version)
067 She's Trouble (Demo)
068 She's Trouble (Cover Version)
069 Say, Say, Say
070 The Man
071 Torture (Extended Version)
072 State Of Shock (Demo)
073 State Of Shock (Extended Version)
074 There Must Be More To Life Than This (Demo)
075 There Must Be More To Life Than This (Special Version)
076 There Must Be More To Life Than This
077 Surprise Song (Demo)
078 Love Never Felt So Good (Demo)
079 I'm In Love With Michael Jackson's Answerphone
080 Somebody's Watching Me
081 Somebody's Watching Me (Extended Version)
082 Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (Too Good To Be True)
083 Centipede
084 Don't Stand Another Chance
085 We Are The World
086 We Are The World (Demo)
087 Scared Of The Moon (Demo)
088 Behind The Mask (Cover Version)
089 Behind The Mask (Cover Version)
090 You're The One
091 Eaten Alive
092 Eaten Alive (Extended Version)
093 We Are Here To Change The World (Captain EO)
094 We Are Here To Change The World (Cover Version)
095 For All Time (Demo)
096 For All Time
097 Space Dance (Demo)
098 Get It
099 Get It (Extended Version)
100 Groove Of Midnight (Cover Version)
101 Bad (A Cappella)
102 Bad (Extended Version)
103 The Way You Make Me Feel (A Cappella)
104 The Way You Make Me Feel (Extended Version)
105 Speed Demon (Extended Version)
106 Liberian Girl (Extended Version)
107 Another Part Of Me (A Cappella)
108 Another Part Of Me (Extended Version)
109 Man In The Mirror (Extended Version)
110 Man In The Mirror (Cover Version)
111 I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Demo)
112 Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu
113 Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous
114 Smooth Criminal (A Cappella)
115 Smooth Criminal (Extended Version)
116 Smooth Criminal (Special Version)
117 Leave Me Alone (Special Version)
118 Bumper Snippet (Demo)
119 Streetwalker
120 Fly Away
121 Fly Away (Cover Version)
122 Cheater (Demo)
123 Monkey Business
124 Alright Now
125 I Never Heard
126 Jam (Demo)
127 Jam (A Cappella)
128 Why You Wanna Trip On Me (A Cappella)
129 In The Closet (Demo)
130 In The Closet (Extended Version)
131 Remember The Time (Demo)
132 Remember The Time (A Cappella)
133 Remember The Time (Extended Version)
134 Heal The World (A Cappella)
135 Heal The World (Special Version)
136 Black Or White (Demo)
137 Black Or White (A Cappella)
138 Black Or White (Extended Version)
139 Who Is It (Demo)
140 Who Is It (A Cappella)
141 Who Is It (Extended Version)
142 Give In To Me (Demo)
143 Give In To Me (A Cappella)
144 Will You Be There (Demo)
145 Gone Too Soon (A Cappella)
146 Gone Too Soon (Demo)
147 Keep The Faith (Demo)
148 Dangerous (Demo)
149 Dangerous (Early Version)
150 Dangerous (A Cappella)
151 Dangerous (Extended Version)
152 Do The Bartman (A Cappella)
153 Do The Bartman (The Simpson)
154 Happy Birthday, Lisa (The Simpson)
155 Happy Birthday, Lisa
156 If You Don't Love Me
157 If You Don't Love Me (Extended Version)
158 Serious Effect
159 Serious Effect (Extended Version)
160 She Got It
161 Work That Body
162 Someone Put Your Hand Out
163 To Satisfy You
164 Yeah
165 Whatzupwitu
166 Joy
167 Mind Is The Magic
168 Scream (A Cappella)
169 Scream (Extended Version)
170 They Don't Care About Us (A Cappella)
171 They Don't Care About Us (Extended Version)
172 Stranger In Moscow (Demo)
173 Stranger In Moscow ((A Cappella)
174 Earth Song (Demo)
175 Earth Song (A Cappella)
176 D.S. (Extended Version)
177 Come Together (Original Version)
178 Come Together (Extended Version)
179 You Are Not Alone (Cover Version)
180 2 Bad (Extended Version)
181 HIStory (A Cappella)
182 HIStory (Special Version)
183 Blood On The Dance Floor (A Cappella)
184 Blood On The Dance Floor (Extended Version)
185 Ghosts (Demo)
186 In The Back
187 On The Line
188 On The Line (Extended Version)
189 Why (Cover Version)
190 I Need You
191 Words Without Meaning
192 We Be Ballin'
193 Beautiful Girl (Demo)
194 Beautiful Girl
195 Escape
196 Fall Again (Demo)
197 Children's Holiday
198 People Of The World
199 You Rock My World (A Cappella)
200 You Rock My World (Extended Version)
201 You Rock My World (Special Version)
202 Butterflies (A Cappella)
203 The Way You Love Me (Demo)
204 The Way You Love Me (Extended Version)
205 Wanna Shout (Cover Version)
206 Wanna Shout (Special Version)
207 Girls, Girls, Girls (Special Version)
208 It's Not Worth It
209 What More Can I Give (Todo Para Ti) (Demo)
210 What More Can I Give
211 Todo Para Ti
212 We've Had Enough
213 Ride With Me
214 Gangsta (No Friend Of Mine)
215 Hold My Hand

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