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Decifrem a lenda nunca desvendada, o rei nunca superado, Michael joe jackson

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Mensagem por byanca jackson em Dom 21 Ago - 0:52:59

  1. (I Cant Make It)Another Day
  2. Another Part Of Me
  3. Bad
  4. Beat It
  5. Ben
  6. Behind The Mask
  7. Best Of Joy
  8. Billie Jean
  9. Black Or White
  10. Breaking Of Dawn
  11. Breaking News
  12. Butterflies
  13. Come Together
  14. Dangerous
  15. Dirty Diana
  16. Don't Stop Till You Get Enought
  17. Earth Song
  18. For All Time
  19. Give In to Me
  20. Heal The World
  21. History
  22. Hold My Hand(feat.Akon)
  23. Hold My Hand(feat.Akon)(acapella)
  24. Hollywood Tonight
  25. Human Nature
  26. I Just Cant Stop Loving You
  27. Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu(i just cant stop loving you)
  28. In The Closet
  29. Invincible
  30. Jam
  31. Just A Little Bit Of You
  32. Just Good Friends(feat. Stevie Wonder)
  33. Keep Your Head Up
  34. Leave Me Alone
  35. Liberiam girl
  36. Man in the mirror
  37. Monster (feat.50 Cent)
  38. Morphine
  39. Much Too Soon
  40. No friends of mine (gangsta)

  41. Off the wall
  42. On the line
  43. One day in or life
  44. One more change
  45. Remember The Time
  46. Rock With You
  47. Rock With You (live in Bad Tour in Japan)
  48. Say Say Say (with Paul McCartney)
  49. Shake Your Body Down To The Ground
  50. She's Out Of My Life
  51. Smooth Criminal
  52. Smooth Criminal (acapella)
  53. Someone In The Dark
  54. Speechless
  55. Speed Demon
  56. The Girl Is Mine (feat Paul McCartney)
  57. The Girl Is Mine-2008 (feat Will.i.am)
  58. The Lady In My Life
  59. The Way You Make Me Feel
  60. They Dont Care About Us
  61. This Is It
  62. Threatened
  63. Thriller
  64. Unbreakable
  65. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
  66. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'-2008(feat. akon)
  67. We Are Here To Change The World
  68. Were Almost There
  69. Whatever Happens
  70. Whatzupwitu (feat. Eddie Murphy)
  71. Who's Loving You
  72. Will You Be There
  73. Wings Of My Love
  74. Working Day and Night
  75. Working Day And Night(live in Bad Tour)
  76. Working Day and Night(full audio HD)
  77. Xscape
  78. You Are Not Alone
  79. You Rock My World
Fonte: Mikethekingofpop

byanca jackson

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Data de inscrição : 29/04/2010
Idade : 28
Localização : Rio de janeiro


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